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Purpose, Motivate, Innovate

Our Mission

2nd Chance Living PMI works to improve the lives of justice-involved women in underserved communities by focusing on community resources that create measurable impact in workforce development, mental health, and reduce the probability of returning to prison.
SCLPMI Grandma's House
SCLPMI provides transitional housing services to justice-involved women for 3 to 6 months. Reentry Workforce programs are required to obtain long-term housing and tackle barriers that keep participants from maintaining stability.

Career Readiness & Placement

Entrepreneurship Training

Financial Education

Cultural Awareness

Mental Health Counseling

SCLPMI Grandma's House


Since August 2022, 92 justice-involved women have begun the program. As a result of our community of change maker’s generosity, here are some participant highlights from the last six months:

are employed
0 %
have started a small business
0 %
received GED/high school diplomas.
0 %
have credit scores above 580 and understand the importance.
0 %
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Our Success Stories

“With the support of Grandma’s House, my child and I had temporary housing until I could find affordable long-term housing. Now I have permanent housing based on my income, and thanks to SCLPMI, I have the ability to focus on homeownership hopefully in the next two years.“

E. Raymond

“Before I was with SCLPMI, I was discouraged, lost, and angry. But joining SCLPMI gave me hope, security, and positivity and has opened up resources for myself and my kids, such as childcare services, computers, and assistance with court fees. SCLPMI has given my kids and me a safe house. I have grown as a person who now mentors and advocates for others. I retrieved my car back, and now I have long-term income-based housing.”

D. Flot

“I was feeling really hopeless and like such a failure and suicidal often to be honest. I couldn't see how I let myself get to this point in my life, where it's hard to make up for something that was done in an instant when my whole life was the complete opposite. The ladies did lead me in the direction of some local services that did assist me with the first month's rent and deposit. I did find a small home. Not the most ideal home that I would have chosen in the past, but something very special to me now because it's mine to rent, and it sure beats the back seat or the front seat of my vehicle. “

L. Davis

“Without the support of SCLPMI providing a laptop and internet assistance, I would not be able to contact community services, access classes, and search for employment. I am limited to transportation, but internet access helps me apply and work from home.”

T. Mitchell

“I was able to learn how to establish a business, and SCLPMI helped me obtain an EIN, LLC, and file my business taxes. ”

F. Scott

"I have learned how to build my credit, save money, and manage my finances. I have saved $2,000 and hope to complete the program this Fall to start my business in retail and apply for college."

M. Smith


How Can I Get Involved?

We encourage our community to stay involved. We accept donations from local churches, through our community, and local business’s. Together we fill a social responsibility to reduce the recidivism rate of mass incarceration in our community. As laws change, the effects on a person transitioning from prison to society changes as well.