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Career Readiness & Placement Training

The Career Readiness and Placement program gives Louisiana formerly incarcerated women a second chance to successfully reintegrate into society and the workforce through education, resources, training, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, resume writing, interviewing preparation, and career internships.

Entrepreneurship Training

In the Entrepreneurship Training, formerly incarcerated women are shown the basics of starting and maintaining a business. Each participant will better understand registering their business, securing a business license, generating start-up funding, marketing, and developing a business plan.

Financial Education

Financial Education teaches formerly incarcerated women financial literacy, which includes the basics of budgeting, impact of interest, savings, credit, and debt maintenance, and ways to live within the means of income. Each participant will gain tools and resources to better their knowledge and financial resources.

Cultural Awareness

Participants’ are taught the full scope of Women’s Stories starting with US History in addition to Cultural Awareness. Formerly incarcerated women learn, experience, and begin to understand women’s pivotal role throughout history, empowering and strengthening each towards the future.

Mental Health Counseling uses a strength-based perspective in supporting formerly incarcerated women in exploring and identifying their goals and needs. Each participant looks at what can negatively or positively impact self-sufficiency and employment. Each participant identifies with case support the resources and support necessary while building self-confidence through one-on-one and peer counseling sessions. 

SCLPMI Grandma's House

SCLPMI provides transitional housing services to justice-involved women for 3 to 6 months. Reentry Workforce programs are required to obtain long-term housing and tackle barriers that keep participants from maintaining stability.

2nd Chance Living PMI (SCLPMI) Grandma's House

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